Top 3 Influential Books Written By Robert Kiyosaki

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It is often in our daily lives that we come across books that share such wonderful insight into not only the world we live in but also ways in which we could better and improve our lives. Robert Kiyosaki founder of the Cashflow Board Game and Best-Selling author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, has written many books throughout his career in an effort to spread financial education to the masses. Here are some books below that we have read and are recommending to our fellow viewers who too would like a change and leave the rat race.

Rich Dad Poor Dad


One of Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling books, and featured on OPRAH. This book is highly recommended for people who have not been exposed to the idea of financial freedom or who are not aware of the possibilities of leaving the rat race. RICH DAD POOR DAD shares simple financial concepts to the public through Robert Kiyosaki’s upbringing where he learned two very different forms of education from two great figures in his life. The whole book revolves around the hot seated topic of Conventional Education Vs. Financial Education and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s pet peeves of why, Financial education is not taught in schools. This book will teach you the importance of acquiring assets over a paycheck, share insights on the current economical system in place and how the rich get richer.




why we want you to be rich


A Collaboration between a Billionaire and a Millionaire. This book was the by-product of both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. In an effort to promote financial literacy to the masses, the main theme of this book is why it is in fact a civic duty of every citizen in the world to be rich. The book explains how the middle class in the United States as well as around the world Is in face shrinking and that while the middle income class continues to shrink, the lower and higher income classes continue to rise. Both man identified this worrying trend to the world in a bid to improve the financial situation around the world. Both man shared on how the ageing population is affecting the global economy, the “entitlement mentality” that a lot of people have today as well as both mans opinions on financial success. Written in classic interview style, this book is not only easy to read but also well written and can be easily understood.

second chance


One of Robert Kiyosaki’s latest books, written as a homage to the late Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), Robert shares in this book Bucky’s view of the world economy and how, the current banking system today is not designed to help the poor but rather a by-product of corporate greed. Robert Kiyosaki having identified successfully along with other teams of experts the crisis in 2007, here Robert once again identifies an upcoming crisis that will be happening somewhere within 2016. (Refer to current economic outlook). Robert shares summaries of historic crashes, causes and how history is likely to repeat itself but this time, on an earth-shattering basis. Robert here also shares on how that in every crisis, there are always more than two sides to any given scenario. A side for benefit, a side for loss and another side where people can choose to evaluate both options and determine the better route to chose and follow.

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