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We would like to personally thank each and everyone of you who took the time to write or compile a video testimonial for our club’s events. Your words and success mean a lot to us and they inspire us to continue educating financial literacy to as many people as we could possible reach out to. Thank You!

Let’s hear from all our participants..

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CFGC has transformed my life

Millie Leung Entrepreneur Hongkong 01/03/2016

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Wow! I am going to bring my friend to play

Ruban Mechanical Design Engineer Singapore 01/03/2016

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Amazing game. Highly recommended to play.

Derek Wong Financial Advison Singapore 01/03/2016

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Learn the unexpected and it is good to start young

Michael NUS Student Singapore 01/03/2016

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Great learning tool towards financial freedom

Cashflow Game is a good learning tool towards financial freedom, in which I always find something new and fascinating each time I play.

Doris Chow 01/03/2016

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Great games for financial literacy

Cashflow Game teaches us financial literacy, it reflects the true character how you presently handle your financial, and learn methods how should one really do to reach faster financial freedom in real life.

Stephen P Tan 01/03/2016

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A game that applicable in real life

Everytime i play the Cashflow Game I learn something new that is not just applicable in the game itself but in real life.

Winson Lim IT Entrepreneur Singapore 01/03/2016

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Great hangout of like-minded people

Playing Cashflow Game is a time where all like-minded people gather to learn, share & explore the journey of obtaining active cashflow opportunities!

Nicole Poh Real Estate Specialist Singapore 01/03/2016

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Educates in a fun way

The Cashflow game educates me on managing my cashflow in a fun way. Making it a life-long educational game for everyone.

Jimmy 01/03/2016

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Education for the young to fast track their life

My wife and I played Cashflow Game about 15 years ago. We also attended Robert Kiyosaki Investment Seminar, Money & You, Anthony Robbin etc. After 15 yers, we are still not out of Rat Race... However, we do own many properties in Singapore and oversea. It is refreshing to be back and hope to sharpen our skills & certainly hope to get out of rat race. Now, we bring 3 children, all are young adults, in hope they will fast track in life.

William Lau Architect & Urban Planner Singapore 01/03/2016

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Cashflow literally changes our lifes

Thanks to the amazing game, I realized the true meaning of time and financial freedom. I applied what I learned from this game, and took massive action with the help from the Cashflow Game Leaders. 2 years later, my wife, Apple Tee, was able to retire from her job as an Auditor. We became financially and time free, and exited the rat race!

Dr. Lee Zhi Yi Medical Doctor Singapore 06/03/2016