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After Playing Cashflow Game

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Yesterday I had an amazing learning experience during my Cashflow Game (Register @ Cashflow Game Singapore)! I learnt 2 major lessons – we should not just focus on how fast we get out of the rat race but also focus on whether do we really get out of the rat race and Pay It Forward really works.

What happen? I started out as a Janitor and I was very happy about it quietly. Why? As we all know, in Cashflow 101, Janitor has the lowest expense. Hence, by right, I should get the rat race the fastest. But no, I didn’t. I started off quite nicely but purchasing a $0 Down 3 Bed Room/2 Bathroom giving $100 per month and later on a Great Deal of $2K Down 3 Bed Room/ 2 Bath room with cost of $35K only giving $200 per month. I was thinking I should get out very easily. Unfortunately, things started spiraling down. For a period of time, I didn’t get the number I wanted, I was downsized, my $1 was reversed split (every 2 stock became 1) and I couldn’t sell off my 2 excellent properties – talking about bad luck. hahaha. Remember Luck is Preparation meets Opportunity. I am prepared just that Universe then wasn’t giving me any opportunity to sell.

In the meantime, the Airline Pilot on our table got out of the rat race due to a 10 Acres of Raw Land deal I brokered for him which gave him $150K of capital (he gave me 10% comm generously) and I passed the $10K to the Business Manager was short of $10K cash to clear the loans to get out of rat race. 2 person got out of the rat race on my table before me. I believe due to my actions, my Cashflow game changed! I sold off my $1 stock at $40 getting myself $80K and I got 2 good deals from the Big deals just before the game ended to get myself out of the rat race.

Thanks goodness that I did Power Investing in the game, otherwise I don’t think that I would be able to get out rat race. More importantly, I too believe that it is my Pay It Forward action in the game make the Universe starts to give me opportunities. Robert Kiyosaki always mentioned in his book that Pay It Forward actions really accelerates a person path to Financial Freedom. In his book “Teach to be Rich”, he mentioned that the fastest way to be rich is to teach others to be rich!

So the question now being do you have a platform for you to teach others to be rich? 🙂

Cashflow Game Singapore

Cashflow Game Craze in Singapore

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For the 8th time! Cashflow Game organised by Cashflow Game Singapore was fully booked and some of the participants had to be placed on the waiting list and queue for subsequent events. 

Singaporeans can sign up mainly via 4 main channels –

  1. Cashflow Game Club Singapore Website (
  2. Cashflow Game Singapore Meetup Group
  3. Facebook
  4. And most importantly – Friends’ referral.

“I believe it is mainly because participants found tremendous value in our Cashflow Games”, remarked Ms Jenifer Tan, one of the past Cashflow Game Organizers. “Many feedback to me that they loved the review of the Cashflow Game and learnt how to implement the Cashflow Game into their real life”.


All in all, there were 5 Cashflow Games playing at the same time. A record breaking total of 30 Cashflow Game Players were present. The organisers hinted that if this trend were to continue, they might require a larger venue to host future Cashflow Game sessions.

Mr Max Tay, international success coach, business owner and founding adviser of Cashflow Game Club Singapore said, “Of course we are very encouraged and excited about this movement. From our humble beginnings of just playing a single Cashflow Game, to have the attendance that we have today is truly amazing. I really look forward to the next session!”

If you want to

  • Increase your Financial Intelligence to be Financially Free
  • Learn from successful experts who walked the talk

Please visit or sign up for the next session via our meetup group now!

Another Full-house CashFlow Game Session

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We have just concluded another amazing Cashflow Game session on last Sunday, 27 March 2016 and had a record-breaking number of people achieving financial freedom, in the game, of course!

Check out the collage below for the Hall of Fame, specially created to celebrate players who have gotten out of the rat race!


More importantly, Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that the review is more important than the gameplay. Hence, at the end of every session, we would invite facilitators who have applied Cashflow Game concepts into their life and achieved remarkable financial results.

Very fortunate of the club and the participants, Singapore CashFlow Game Club managed to invite Mr. Max Tay whose life mission now revolves around setting more people free. Max also gave tons of valuable insights to the pathway of success and financial freedom during the review.

Want to be listed in the Hall of Fame and also learn from people who have been there done that? Simple, the next upcoming Cashflow Game Session will be held on 17 April 2016, Sunday, 2pm – 5pm.

Meetup Page


For more details and to book your spot, please join our group on Meetup and RSVP from there! In the unfortunate event that you are unable to turn up for it, remember to adjust your RSVP too, so that we may let others have a spot in this guaranteed full-house Cashflow Game Session.

Here’s more photos of our previous session:

Lastly, of course if you like to always receive our latest updates and tips related to Cashflow Game, head over to our Facebook Page and press “Like”!

4 Important Principles of Financial Literacy

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The most frequently financial advice that is being told is to work hard, save money, get out of debt, live below your means, and invest in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Do our school prepare us to be financially literate ? Our schools do well at teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, but they are horrible at preparing people to work with money. Nearly every person who graduates from school is financially illiterate. Basically, Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world.

Every rich people who are financially free have high level of financial literacy. The good news for you is you don’t need to be super talented to be financially free. To be financially literacy It will take hard work, a lot of study, and trial and error, but the return will be worth it. The key to becoming financially literate is to understand the four foundational principles of financial literacy.

#1 – The Difference Between an Asset and a Liability

Many people misunderstood the definition of an asset. For example, you probably think your house is an asset, but it’s not. The truth is that just as there are two definitions of an asset.

Accountants use definition of asset as economic of resourse that requires lots of financial knowledge to make people and companies feel richer than they really are whether the asset have cash flow value. 

The rich use the definition of asset grounded in simplicity and reality. An asset is anything that puts money in your pocket and a liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket.

Your house is not an asset because it takes money out of your pocket each month. Even if you own your house outright, you still have to pay for the taxes, maintenance and more out of your own pocket.

But if you own a rental property, that can be an asset, because it puts money in your pocket each month in the form of cash flow. When your tenant pays rent, they cover your mortgage, maintenance, taxes, and more.

#2 – Using debt and taxes to get richer

Your financial adviser or accountant will tell you that debt is bad and taxes are inevitable. People who are financial literate will understand that both debt and taxes can be used to create immense wealth. There are two kinds debt, bad and good. When your financial adviser tells you to stay out of debt, she means stay out of bad debt. That is good advise but they never tell you what is good debt. 

Bad debt comes in the form of borrowing money for liabilities such as using credit cards to buy smart phone or luxury items, which cause your money flowing out of your pocket to pay debt.

What is good debt? Good debt is debt used to purchase assets like rental property. For example, When you use the bank’s money to purchase real estate, you will use less of your own money to pay down payment to secure an asset instead of full price, and your tenant’s rent pays off your debt while you own the asset and pocket the profit for cash flow.

People with high financial literacy understand when it come to taxes that governments give exempted tax codes to encourage specific types of investment. If governments want you to build affordable housing, they give you a tax cut. If they want to encourage oil exploration, they give you a tax cut. If they want to see higher employment, they give you a tax cut. The secret is that most tax benefits are made to help entrepreneurs and investors. With the right financial education, you too can utilise the tax code to not only get richer, but also pay nothing in taxes.

#3 – Cash Flow Versus Capital Gains

Most people invest for capital gains but the rich invest for cash flow. Investing for capital gains is like gambling, you invest your money and hope the price goes up. For instance, many people buy a house hoping they’ll be able to sell it for more money later. In the meantime, they have to pay their mortgage and home expenses. Money goes out of their pocket. It becomes a liability.

The rich invest for cash flow, that it’s money flowing into your pocket on a continual basis whether you’re working or not. It is your money working for you. And generally, cash-flow investing is based on fundamentals that aren’t as susceptible to market swings like capital-gains investments, which means that even in bad times, money still flows into your pockets.

Additionally, cash flow is what is known as passive income, which is the lowest taxed type of income. This is not always the case with capital gains taxes, which vary depending on the type of asset you’ve invested in and how long you’ve owned that asset. In some cases, the taxes can be very high. Different investments produce different results. The question is, what results do you want?

#4 – Making your own financial decisions

If you are not financially literate and confident about your knowledge about money, you let others make your financial decisions for you.

You let your financial advisor to decide how and where your money should be invested. They will advise you based on which investment pay them the higher commission. You let your bank to tell you what interest rate is your money worth and you follow whatever investment trend is popular in the news without financial education.

The rich don’t follow the crowds. They set the trends and are gone by the time the trends become popular in the mainstream. What’s their secret? They think for themselves about money and make their own financial decisions because they have a high financial intelligence.

Having great knowledge to act on and great wisdom to know which course of action is the best is the key in building great wealth. By applying yourself to financial education only you can gain this kind of knowledge and wisdom to a high financial intelligence.

The question for you is, are you ready to increase your confidence about money by increasing your financial education? Are you ready to start making your own financial decisions?

Cashflow Game Club Singapore

Financial Freedom Through Cashflow Game

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Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Game SingaporeWith Cashflow Game Club Singapore, fellow Singaporeans can now tap into our local events and learn about financial freedom through playing the Cashflow Game.

Specially designed by renowned finance expert and best-selling author, Robert T. Kiyosaki, the Cashflow game teaches what the books cannot teach. Just as one can never truly learn how to ride a bicycle just by reading a book, likewise for making financial decisions.

Kiyosaki also mentioned in Singapore during the Masters of Wealth 2015 conference, that the cone of learning indicated that a better way of learning over reading and lectures is through action. Hence, the less risky way to learn from mistakes is through the Cashflow Game using simulated money.

Needless to say, The Cashflow Game has been for the longest running, the World’s Number 1 game in financial literacy education. It teaches people about principles of accounting and the skill of converting earned income into passive and portfolio income all at one go.

To get notified of the next Cashflow Game, log on to and submit your registration into the mailing list!



Seeking to educate and empower people, Cashflow Game Singapore maintains a strict level of professionalism by having:

  • Only trained Cashflow Game leaders to conduct the Cashflow Game sessions
  • All facilitators apply the Cashflow Game concepts to their actual life situations, henceforth;
  • An environment where participants can learn how to apply Cashflow Game concepts to achieve financial freedom

If you like to join thousands who have benefited from the Cashflow Game, then we would like to invite you to register for one of our upcoming Cashflow Game sessions. Subscribe to our mailing list today at the form on the right side.

Now, let’s play our way to financial freedom!

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