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Yesterday I had an amazing learning experience during my Cashflow Game (Register @ Cashflow Game Singapore)! I learnt 2 major lessons – we should not just focus on how fast we get out of the rat race but also focus on whether do we really get out of the rat race and Pay It Forward really works.

What happen? I started out as a Janitor and I was very happy about it quietly. Why? As we all know, in Cashflow 101, Janitor has the lowest expense. Hence, by right, I should get the rat race the fastest. But no, I didn’t. I started off quite nicely but purchasing a $0 Down 3 Bed Room/2 Bathroom giving $100 per month and later on a Great Deal of $2K Down 3 Bed Room/ 2 Bath room with cost of $35K only giving $200 per month. I was thinking I should get out very easily. Unfortunately, things started spiraling down. For a period of time, I didn’t get the number I wanted, I was downsized, my $1 was reversed split (every 2 stock became 1) and I couldn’t sell off my 2 excellent properties – talking about bad luck. hahaha. Remember Luck is Preparation meets Opportunity. I am prepared just that Universe then wasn’t giving me any opportunity to sell.

In the meantime, the Airline Pilot on our table got out of the rat race due to a 10 Acres of Raw Land deal I brokered for him which gave him $150K of capital (he gave me 10% comm generously) and I passed the $10K to the Business Manager was short of $10K cash to clear the loans to get out of rat race. 2 person got out of the rat race on my table before me. I believe due to my actions, my Cashflow game changed! I sold off my $1 stock at $40 getting myself $80K and I got 2 good deals from the Big deals just before the game ended to get myself out of the rat race.

Thanks goodness that I did Power Investing in the game, otherwise I don’t think that I would be able to get out rat race. More importantly, I too believe that it is my Pay It Forward action in the game make the Universe starts to give me opportunities. Robert Kiyosaki always mentioned in his book that Pay It Forward actions really accelerates a person path to Financial Freedom. In his book “Teach to be Rich”, he mentioned that the fastest way to be rich is to teach others to be rich!

So the question now being do you have a platform for you to teach others to be rich? 🙂

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