What does $1 Deal Mean To You?

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For people who have played Cashflow 101 Game at least once or twice, you would have quickly found out that $1 Deals are probably one of the best things that can happen to you in the game, regardless of your profession card.

In here, we refer to the opportunity card that reads today’s stock price is at $1 and there might be a high potential gain. It is always worth taking note how people behave when they draw that card.

To some players, they do not know what that card means and might even choose to discard it. Otherwise, they may invest a few hundreds into that stock. To the experienced players, usually we see investments of much larger amounts. That said, different situations and scenarios call for different decisions, so it will be a great idea if you can do a review after the gameplay (preferably with an expert or someone who knows what he / she is doing.)

Many experts in the world seems to be saying the same thing: how you play the game is how you play the game of life. Robert Kiyosaki created this game with the intention of education through simulation as closely as possible to the realities of life. This game is to allow you to make mistakes and learn without risking your actual financial portfolio.

Cashflow Game also allows us to see how people make financial decisions and this is the main reason why our club is so passionate in educating the public through the game. There is just so many insights to a single gameplay alone.

Now the big question is, what is a $1 deal to you? Are there $1 deals out there or are they just a myth? As a direct reflection to reality, there are indeed stocks out there that are under a dollar. That said, Cashflow Game Club is not here to influence your financial decisions in life, and we will not be accountable for recommending any financial instruments and its success.

Cashflow Game Club plays a facilitator role and act as a mirror to bring awareness to the way you are playing the game and how you might want to tweak and position yourself for larger amounts of wealth.

$1 deals can in fact come in other forms, even in paper assets, the price might not be $1 per se, but it could be a stark comparison to its true value. Likewise, for other asset classes such as real estate and business.

Now, you may have known this already, when are the profits made? When you buy or sell?

Counterintuitively, profits are made upon buying. And therefore, here are some key questions for you to ponder over:

  • How are you behaving towards great opportunities?
  • Do you know how to spot great opportunities?
  • Do you have a circle of individuals or a network to aid you in that aspect?
  • What else can you do to expose yourself to more opportunities?
  • Do you believe opportunities can be capitalised upon regardless of economy?

By the way, we are still up and running as the leading Cashflow Game Club in Singapore, feel free to join us on one of our sessions.