5 Reasons You Should Play Cashflow Game

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Most people have played board games before, like monopoly game. And some of you might have heard about the popular Cashflow game board game by Robert Kiyosaki.

It is not a normal board game which we play for fun by buying houses and hotels only ; Cashflow Game is an education game which acts a simulation of real life. The truth is that learning what’s really important in entrepreneurship and investing: which is your Financial Statement. Learn how to Build your assets and build your wealth in this game.

Here are 5 top reasons why you should start playing Cashflow game.

1. We learn what it takes to build real wealth – all while having fun playing a game. Most of the people are taught on how to make an income by applying for a job and working hard from 9am to 5pm. While in the game we are being taught that it is possible to create assets that create the income. And when our passive income is greater than expenses, we get out of the rat race in the game. Practising to buy and built assets in the game is less costly than when we play in real life. Remember that the game is also a simulation of the real life.

2. A lot of us have played monopoly game before and may be thinking that this cashflow game is just another board game. In reality, the cashflow game board game is created by Author of the #1 bestselling personal finance book ever, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, is going to tell you the truth about money. We are going to learn a lot of lessons in this game than any other games out there about our debit & credit and how we react to our opportunities that come along.

3. According to expert in learning pyramid Edgar Dale, we only absorb 10% of information by reading. Who among us has not sat in an auditorium during a lecture (library or otherwise), surrounded by sleeping audience members? In fact, the research supports that lecture is of limited use when it comes to retention of material;people’s minds tend to wander after a short period of time. It seems common sense to conclude that methods alternative to lecturing would be better; thus why an educational is better.

4. In playing cashflow game would be much fun when we play with a real people rather than playing it online; you are playing with computer. There a few reasons why I love to play with actual cashflow board game. First of all, I have a chance to meet with strangers which become friends later; so far I have known quite a few like minded strangers who have become friendships all these years. Unbelievable right ? Secondly, during the game, I can observe different behaviors from the players; I can tell you that you will see the gamblers, conservative, aggressive, and timid behaviors of the players in your board game. Same human beings but each of them will have different end results at the end of the game; this is simply because of the mindsets that each of them have. Last, I learnt how to fill up the financial statement manually rather than computed by computer, which teach me where is income, expenses, passive income, assets and liabilities. And I learnt a lot of things in financial statement.

5. Cashflow 101 is played within 2-3 hours, each hour is equivalent to 10 years of your life. If we are Playing this game for 3 hours is equal to 30 years of our lives. Thus why game is a simulation is a real life. Should we go through our 30 years of life to find out if it is working fine for us ? Of course not ! This the reason why we are conducting cashflow game club in Singapore to Educate, Empower and Enlighten individuals by providing entertaining Learning Opportunities for people to make better Financial Decisions, towards Financially Free and be Wealthy!

Stephen Prana Tan

Cashflow Game Club Singapore

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