Cashflow Game Club Singapore

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Question: How can YOU play your way towards Financial Freedom?

Answer: Play the CASHFLOW 101 Game with us!


If you are searching high & low for the easiest and most fun way to educate yourself about the complex subject of financial freedom, look no further!

Announcing… the CASHFLOW Game!

This game was created by Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki in 1994 after they became financially free. It is the only game in the world that educates us on the ways to convert earned income into passive and portfolio income, which is the key to financial and time freedom!

We are currently the leading Cashflow Club in Singapore. More than 400 people have attended our CASHFLOW 101 sessions. We commit to deliver our best! Thank you for your support!

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Great learning tool towards financial freedom

Cashflow Game is a good learning tool towards financial freedom, in which I always find something new and fascinating each time I play.

Doris Chow 01/03/2016

Founder of Cashflow 101 Game
One of our Cashflow Game Expert Facilitator, Max Tay with Robert Kiyosaki

Why should you play the Cashflow Game with us?

  • ALL our sessions are conducted by trained Cashflow Game Leaders!
  • ALL our Game Leaders absolutely love the Cashflow 101 Game!
  • Meet new friends and learn new skills simultaneously!
  • We DO NOT SELL anything in ALL of our sessions. Hence, there will be a small fee to cover for food and other expenses.

Another of our Game Session

“We wouldn’t say we are the best Cashflow Club to play the Cashflow Game in Singapore. That’s your decision!”

Rich Dad shares with Robert, “Earned income is money you work for and passive and portfolio income is money working for you.” And knowing that little difference in the incomes have been significant in Robert Kiyosaki’s life.

Discover that difference yourself TODAY!

We are not affiliated with, sponsored by, endorsed by or related to CASHFLOW® Technologies, Inc. (CTI) & Robert T. Kiyosaki.

CASHFLOW and RICH DAD are registered trademarks of CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. and CASHFLOW Clubs and Rich Dad Clubs are trademarks of CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. (CTI). All trademark usage is with permission of CTI. All rights reserved.

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